We have 22 classrooms to serve residential and daycare children enrolled at Senses. We follow international standards to accommodate up to 4 to 6 children in each classroom with two special educators and an assistant teacher. With the help of SEN Teachers, children are engaged in group activities and 1:1 sessions.


Speech Therapy Department at Senses provides services for children with various speech and language issues.

The Speech Therapists evaluate and diagnose speech, language, communication and feeding difficulties using standardized assessment tools, and provide appropriate intervention which includes vast number of therapy techniques to improve speech and language skills, Oral Placement Therapy and uses AAC devices to facilitate communication.


Our team of licensed Occupational Therapists focuses on the development of motor, cognitive, sensory skills using a unique and holistic approach through play and participation in meaningful activities to help children better process and tolerate the information they get through their senses.

Therapists working with children typically use techniques and routines that seem like play. In reality, they are designed to target areas of delay and difficulty. The team is trained in therapy with a sensory integration approach.

Physiotherapy Unit

With our trained physiotherapists, a child will be able to stretch their body and strengthen muscles that are rarely if ever used. This will help them manage their weight, their overall health and help to give them more mobility and control of their body.

For children with physical disabilities they can often spend their day in the same position or positions that can have a variety ways that can affect their health even more that it is already.

Children with special needs are able to benefit from the use of physiotherapy and other disabled services like massage therapy and exercises from our qualified medical professionals.


Senses Center develops customized, assessment-based vocational and transitional services with a focus on each student’s interests, abilities, independent living skills and personal goals.

By collaborating with students, families and community partners, Senses creates opportunities for students to gain valuable work and life experience through employment, volunteer service and other types of community engagement. 

Computer Lab

We provide COMPUTER THERAPY PROGRAMME from fun and educational activities to computer-based placed programmes. Computer-based instruction utilizing software programs can enhance language, speech, reading, arithmetic abilities as well as their social and life skills. It helps children with special needs to have an optimistic view of an independent future.

Sensory Room

One increasingly popular method of treating and overcoming sensory problems is the use of a sensory room. These “safe” spaces are designed to provide a place for individuals with sensory issues to decompress and confront a variety of sensory issues in a way that will ultimately help them learn to cope with seemingly normal experiences.

Hydrotherapy Room

A state-of-the-art room, equipped with hydrotherapy pool is one of the many therapeutic interventions available at Senses for children of determination.

These therapies use water immersion to achieve therapeutic gains that may be too difficult for a child to attain through land-based physical therapies.

Music Room

Music plays a key role in bridging the gap of communication and eliminates the barriers of turning the inner feelings into verbal expression of an individual with special needs.

Music helps children with special needs learn to participate in very different ways as opposed to a traditional classroom setting (auditory or visually). Instead of speaking or writing, a child can use music to communicate their experiences.


Our gym for people of determination (special needs) is managed by two qualified trainers to engage children with sports activities on daily basis.

The GYM is equipped with professional exercise equipments including treadmill machines, elliptical and stationary bikes, weights, rowing machines etc.

Movement-based therapy not only improves motor skills in children and young adults with ASD and ADHD— it also boosts communication, attention, behavior, and academic performance.


A huge outdoor shaded playground with bright multi-color rubber flooring between the two blocks of the center is a place where all fun and sports activities and special events takes place on regular basis. 

School Nurse Clinics

At Senses, we have 7 licensed nurses (male and female) available 24/7, and working under the supervision of General Practitioner. All nurse clinics are equipped with the latest, modern and sophisticated equipment as per the local health authority’s guidelines.

At Senses, we have 7 licensed nurses (male and female) available 24/7, and working under the supervision of General Practitioner. All nurse clinics are equipped with the latest, modern and sophisticated equipment as per the local health authority’s guidelines.

Residential Care Facility

To cater the demand of our 24/7 residential care services, we have branched-out two residential villas near to our main Senses building to accommodate more children from the waiting list.  The bedrooms are spacious to accommodate 4 to 5 children in each room and are equipped with attached bathrooms and cupboards for every child. The living room is furnished with comforting furniture and a TV.

All facilities and areas within the residential villa are monitored by CCTV cameras. Our experienced caregivers are trained to help children with bathing, personal grooming and daily activities. 

kitchen & Dining Room

To better serve nutritious foods and beverages in a way that’s appealing to our residential and day care children, we have a kitchen within our center equipped with industrial-use equipments. The kitchen is managed by a chef, cooks and assistant kitchen helpers to prepare healthy meals (5 times/daily) under the supervision of specialists (Nutritionist) to ensure the quality of healthy meals. A dedicated spacious Dining Area adjacent to the kitchen which accommodates up to 30 children at a time to have their meals.


Due to the low-immune system of many children enrolled at Senses, we have our own dedicated laundry equipped with industrial washing machines and equipments at Senses to make sure that child’s health is not compromised. On an average, 10 thousand clothes are washed on daily basis.